About Us

Like us, you love travelling and want to discover the world in your own way? Yes! Then you have come to the right place at Mystic Place Bangkok.

With us you will find detailed travel tips, secret corners, helpful hotel recommendations and inspiration for your next holiday.

But travelling is not our only topic. No, it’s all about capturing our beautiful world in photos.

We not only give you many useful and inspiring photo tips on our blog, but also teach you the complete basics of photography (and much more) in our online photo course, so that you can bring along great photos of your travels yourself very soon.

About us

We have a weakness for Asia, for big cities, for breathtaking landscapes. And of course for delicious pizza and good red wine.

We prefer to travel after the sun, but we also dare to travel in the cold when great photo motifs and unforgettable impressions lure us.

We love to walk aimlessly through the streets of a city until we can’t do any more. We love to photograph turquoise mountain lakes and we love the smell of sun cream on our skin. We are curious about the world and we enjoy life to the fullest!

Together we capture the world with our cameras and want to share our #cameraliebe with you. With our 5 free lessons, we’ll help you get your perfect start in the exciting world of photography. Are you with us?

More about us!

Let’s take the next step and get to know each other even better. If you browse our blog, you’ll learn a lot more about us. But we don’t know anything about you yet?

The story

How did all this come up with our blog? Good question! Well, that was so:

Once upon a time it was on a grey October evening just before 5, when we sat at the table with spaghetti all’arrabbiata and dry red wine and decided to turn our lives upside down. Sounds dramatic, but it wasn’t.

We simply knew that we wanted to live our lives more self-determined and free. Not determined by office hours and waiting for the weekend. Or the pressure of having to squeeze our journeys into 24 holiday days. That was especially dramatic for Basti.

So we planned our own online business, really kneeled down for a year and made our dream come true to be able to work and live anywhere in the world. In this article, we’ll explain how this works.

That’s how came into being. And we are glad every day since then that there was this grey October evening (and the red wine) that pushed us out of our everyday life.

In October 2015 we left our adopted home Berlin behind with packed backpacks to discover the world.

If you want to know more about us, read on here and open this page for afterwards.

Your trust is very important to us. So we would like to explain to you whether and how we advertise for companies on 22places.

Cooperation with companies

We rarely work with companies. If a contribution was made in cooperation with a company, you will find the word “advertising” above the article. But you will only find very few of them here. We just counted and there are exactly 4 contributions.

Now you’re probably wondering why there are so few of them when we can earn money with them?

That has two reasons. The first reason is that we are very selective when it comes to working with companies. We only recommend products or services that we know or have tested and think are cool.

The second reason is that it’s incredibly important to us to be independent. We have designed our business model from the beginning so that we don’t have to rely on cooperation with companies.

So we don’t have to advertise services or products to earn a living.

So we can simply reject 99 percent of all requests. And you can be 100% sure that we will only introduce you to things that we think are really cool!

So the short form is: whether advertising or not, you always get the honest opinion from us. Indian word of honour!