All you need to know about eating at a hotel

Of course, good food is also part of a successful holiday. Here you can read which offers and possibilities there are at which times:

Midnight snack: What can I eat at the hotel in the evening?

If, for example, you come back to your accommodation at night from a party or a long event and have an appetite for a midnight snack, the question naturally arises as to whether you can still get something to eat in the hotel. Most hotels have a restaurant with long opening hours or have their own bar where snacks or snacks are served late at night. It is best to find out in advance if and how long one or the other option exists so that you don’t have to go to bed hungry.

Can I order food in my room at any hotel?

This is usually only possible in higher quality hotels with four or five stars or more, because there is a greater range of services available in these cases. It is best to enquire at the reception desk or in advance about the times when this service is available to you. Please note that in a hotel garni, even with four or more stars, or a Bed & Breakfast only breakfast is offered.

What can you eat at the hotel?

Depending on whether you book half board, full board or all inclusive, you can either have breakfast or three full meals at the hotel. Usually there is a varied breakfast buffet and different menus to choose from for lunch and dinner. Drinks are often included in the price of buffets – at least for breakfast – but not always. Some hotel restaurants specialise in the typical local cuisine of their region – e.g. in seafood, special drinks or other specialities in a coastal region. In this way you can also get to know your holiday destination better from a culinary point of view. Especially higher quality hotels often have an international menu with culinary highlights from different countries.

What you can and cannot do in the hotel

What can I do in the hotel and what can I not? With our etiquette guide you shine with perfect manners and style in every situation. Karin Schleines, renowned etiquette consultant for companies and CEOs and HRS guest author, answers the most frequent customer questions on the subject of hotel etiquette in an interview.

What can I take with me out of my hotel room?

Karin Schleines: Maybe you didn’t think so, but in general you can’t take anything out of hotel rooms. Many hoteliers want to make their guests’ stay as pleasant as possible by providing them with shower gels, small shampoo bottles or sewing kits, as well as ballpoint pens or notepads. These things can be used in the room, but that doesn’t mean you can take them with you. The disposable shoes are intended for use in the possible SPA and remain in the hotel after use. So here are my tips:

Asking for them is better than taking them with you: It is best to ask at the reception if you can take the small soap or the opened shampoo bottle with you when you leave the hotel. In most cases you will be allowed to do so. Asking doesn’t cost anything, it’s just polite, and you’re on the safe legal side.

Buy cosmetics in the hotel shop: Large international hotel chains offer shampoo and shower gel in 100 millilitre sizes for sale if you want to enjoy the beautiful fragrance at home. I have already ordered a room fragrance from the hotel shop. It’s wonderful because I’ve always associated the fragrance with a beautiful hotel stay.

Can I take something from the breakfast buffet and if so, what, is it paid for?

Karin Schleines: All food remains in the breakfast room or in the restaurant, regardless of whether you “only” eat muesli for breakfast or your breakfast is more unusual. Every hotel calculates the prices for the breakfast buffet, which means that a roll that you want to grease and take with you is not included.

My tip: If you would like to take a packed lunch with you, for example, because you are on a longer journey, then simply ask in the restaurant or in the hotel kitchen and clarify this. I have even experienced that I was offered a small yoghurt drink to eat away from home, which I was allowed to take with me. But that was a goodie from the hotel.

What time do you get to breakfast?

Karin Schleines: Note the breakfast times. If breakfast starts at 7 a.m. and you want to have breakfast earlier because you have to leave the house quite early, then ask in advance if you can go to the breakfast room a quarter of an hour earlier. In most cases this is okay with the kitchen. Please don’t come to the restaurant 5 minutes before the end of the breakfast time to enjoy your breakfast. Always remember that the staff has a tight plan and wants to stock up for lunch.

Food in the hotel can become a real experience for gourmets and you don’t necessarily have to look outside for suitable restaurants. It’s best to read reviews in advance – e.g. in online portals or travel and hotel guides – for the hotel you want with regard to the food offered in the hotel’s own restaurant.

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