Japan hotel tips: All accommodations of our trip

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Cool! This is going to be great! In this article we introduce you to all of our hotels in Japan where we stayed during our trip & give you helpful tips for hotel bookings in Japan. We’ll tell you everything you need to know!

We travelled three and a half weeks through Japan. Especially the search for accommodation in Japan was not that easy.

Hotels in Japan are unfortunately relatively expensive and the hotel rooms are tiny.

In this article we introduce you to all the hotels where we stayed during our trip.

We will also show you some very good alternatives for every budget and finally we have some general tips for booking a hotel in Japan for you.

Our hotels in Japan

We have booked all our hotels through booking.com.

A big advantage there is that you can cancel most accommodations free of charge until a few days before your stay and you still remain flexible if you want to change your travel plan at short notice.

As already mentioned, hotel prices in Japan are quite high, especially during the peak travel seasons of spring and autumn. All of our hotels were average mid-range hotels in good locations. We were in Japan during the cherry blossom, booked at relatively short notice and paid top prices accordingly.

If you book early or are in Japan outside the peak travel season, the hotels are probably much cheaper than ours.

Our hotels in Tokyo

In Tokyo we stayed in two different hotels. First we stayed 8 nights in the Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka before we were allowed to stay for two nights in the noble Intercontinental Tokyo Bay.

Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka

Super Hotel is a Japanese hotel chain known for its good value for money. There are almost 20 Super Hotels in Tokyo alone.

Our hotel was located in the Akasaka neighborhood, which is strategically located to easily reach all of Tokyo’s attractions. The subway is 5 minutes away and around the hotel there are numerous restaurants, bars and supermarkets. So the location was absolutely perfect.

The room is very small with 11 sqm, which is normal for a hotel of this price class in Tokyo. But those who travel with very large suitcases will have problems getting everything under control.

But the interior is very modern, only the bed was a bit uncomfortable. Obviously, we were unlucky, as in the evaluations, the beds are often praised.

Due to the very small size of the room, we did without photos. The best thing is to have a look at the photos of the hotel on booking.com.

The hotel also has its own Onsen, a traditional hot bathhouse. There are separate times of use for men and women, but we haven’t tried it ourselves.

We paid 141 euros per night for a double room.

Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

At the invitation of IHG Hotels we were allowed to spend another two nights in the Intercontinental Tokyo Bay. Compared to our 11 sqm room this is of course a difference like day and night.

The rooms in the Intercontinental are spacious, also modernly furnished and the view of the bay and the Rainbow Bridge is simply awesome!

From the hotel you can walk to the famous Tsukiji fish market and by train almost directly in front of the door you can quickly reach all other parts of Tokyo.

Other hotels in Tokyo

Since Tokyo is huge and confusing, we have written a separate article for the hotel search. We will introduce you to the different districts, show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different quarters and give you three hotel tips for each purse.

Our hotel in Osaka

In Osaka the price-performance ratio of hotels is fortunately somewhat better than in Tokyo. So here you get a little more space for your money.

Hotel Cordia

We spent the night in Osaka at the Hotel Cordia. The hotel is relatively new. The furnishing of the rooms is modern and also the bed was very comfortable.

In the lobby there is a coffee machine where you can make coffee and tea for free. Of course we used it extensively.

The location is also good. Right in front of the door is a subway station of the Yotsubashi Line.

From there it is one station to Nishi-Umeda and three stations to Namba Station. These are two of the most important points for visitors to Osaka.

We paid 147 Euro per night and got a very chic 18 sqm room.

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