The best tips for a stylish hotel stay

Already Knigge knew “Whoever cannot do without society should submit to its customs, because they are more powerful than he.”

For many of us, travelling is a small time-out. But a hotel is a place where many people meet. Today I would like to tell you the 10 rules of the game for your enjoyable hotel stay.

Arriving with brains

Check in immediately to see if your reservation criteria such as room category or sea view have been met. This way you can enjoy your holiday or extended weekend in a relaxed way right from the start.

My tip: When you check in, ask for internet access, adapters or other things you need for your stay.

Relaxed departure

It is best to pay your bill the evening before. In this way you avoid the general stress and drive home relaxed.

My tip: Clarify here also immediately the topic luggage storage or the topic taxi order.

Clarify problems comprehensively

Of course, it is annoying when a small mishap happens during the planned time-out. My tip: Distinguish whether this is just a small breakdown (e.g. wine corking or a broken light bulb) or a serious problem (e.g. cold water in the shower).

My tip: Complain fairly and use the sandwich principle (praise criticism feedback).

“Tell me how you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Many hotels offer breakfast until 10:00 am. Take your time to start the day relaxed. My tip: It is best to arrive 20 minutes before the end of the mentioned period. You’d better go to the buffet more often. Slaughtering or pushing at the buffet are absolute no-go’s. Even if you’re in a hurry, don’t take any food with you.

My tip: It’s better to clarify this in style beforehand and have a packed lunch packed. But you are welcome to take a piece of fruit with you.

Friendliness counts

Always greet foreign guests and hotel employees. This applies in the elevator, stairwell, corridor and when entering the breakfast room. In the sauna or wellness area a friendly smile and a nod of the head is more appropriate than a greeting of the day.

My tip: A smile costs nothing and the day begins more beautifully.

Clothes make people

For upscale hotels, follow the general dress code. As comfortable as it may be to wear a jogging suit or bathrobe, always remember “Clothes make the man”.

My tip: Dress in style even on holiday. Surely you will also meet interesting people there with whom you would like to stay in contact longer.

Feel-good character through cleanliness

Does it have to be a fresh towel every day? Used shower towels belong in the shower or in the bathtub. Housekeeping, however, is not responsible for general disorder and I appreciate your appreciation.

Tipping is part of the good tone

Tips are not only given to the service staff in the restaurant. Also the chambermaid and the page are happy about a small attention.

My tip: Leave 1-2 EUR per day for the housekeeping in the room on the day of departure and give the porter some small change as a thank-you.

Tactful behaviour in the wellness area

Wellness is for relaxation. This is why many hotels also offer the so-called “Spa-Knigge”. Food and drinks from outside are not allowed. Bring foreign guests with you. The strength lies in the peace and quiet.

My tip: Don’t “reserve” any sunbeds in the wellness or pool area. That is simply rude.

To the popular guest of the house become

Good hotels also keep lists of your favorite guests. Do you want to be one of them? You can consider the small bottles in the bathroom as a gift of the house. This also includes fruit or a welcome greeting in the room. However, ashtrays, vases, towels, umbrellas, etc. are valuables and property of the hotel.

My tip: Keep to the general rules of the game, including rest at night. Even if you are well bedded, a hotel room is no substitute for a party room.

Improvised iron

As soon as you unpack, you’ll notice how wrinkled your favorite dress is. Of course, you don’t even have to look for an iron in your hotel room. But what for if there’s a simple solution to your problem? Put your clothes in the shower so that the shower head can’t splash them wet. If you now let hot water run, all wrinkles will disappear by themselves due to the resulting steam.

Dry air

If you use the air conditioning in your hotel room, the air often becomes quite dry and unpleasant. You can easily prevent this by placing a damp towel near the ventilation. A great replacement for a real humidifier!

Peaceful sleep

If light and noise enter your room through a door slit and keep you from sleeping, you can easily seal yourself off with a bath towel. Roll up the towel, place it in front of the slit and enjoy the relaxing silence.

Perfect darkness

If light shines into your room from outside at night, e.g. through a gap between the curtains, a clothes hanger with clips can help. If you connect the two sides of the curtains to the hanger, there will be total darkness.

Instant noodles

Not having to cook for yourself on holiday is of course wonderful. But if you are hungry in between and don’t want to spend money on room service, you can use the coffee machine in the room to heat water for instant noodles.

For many people, there is nothing better than spending a well-deserved holiday in a hotel. You don’t have to worry about anything, all the work is done for you – the bathroom is cleaned, the floor is vacuumed. Even the beds are made when you return to your room after an eventful day. But you never really feel “at home” there. But with the following ten tips and tricks you will transform your hotel room into your personal oasis of well-being.

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