Which accommodation should I choose?

Hotel and apartment in comparison

In which accommodation is it best to “take a holiday” – in a hotel or in a holiday apartment? We will give you some food for thought.

The next holidays are just around the corner and once again many people are asking themselves the question: Hotel or holiday apartment? On holiday, most people want to recover from their stressful working day and just relax.

Which accommodation is the most suitable depends solely on your personal ideas.

You don’t have to do without comfort anywhere. Another misconception is that the holiday home is always the cheapest alternative. If you want to spend your holiday luxuriously, you have to dig deeper into the pockets of both hotels and holiday apartments.

But what are the advantages of staying in a hotel or holiday apartment?

Advantages of a hotel stay

The range of hotels is enormous: whether luxury hotel, sports hotel, family hotel or club hotel – there is something for everyone. A wide range of services is offered, depending on the hotel category also around the clock.

Hotels are often perceived as rather anonymous and sterile – that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because discretion may be important to many on holiday.

The big advantage of a hotel is that you don’t have to take care of anything yourself. Those who book an all-inclusive holiday can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the hotel.

In the hotel, hardly any wish remains unfulfilled. Likewise, a hotel usually offers a mini bar, shopping and sports facilities as well as animation for large and small guests.

Do you clean up your holiday yourself? No, thank you! In a hotel of course others tidy up the room, clean, wipe, change the bed linen and often put a “bedtime chocolate sweet” on the pillow.

Also additional costs for final cleaning, towels or bed linen are omitted with the hotel stay. Only in rare cases does a deposit have to be paid.

If one attaches importance to a central location in the holiday resort, then one should decide for a hotel. The hotel density is usually very high in the centre and one has the choice from many offers.

A hotel room can often be cancelled at short notice, which is often limited by the general terms and conditions for holiday apartments. This makes holiday planning more flexible.

In most cases, English is also spoken in hotels. So you can easily book in foreign countries without having to speak the respective language – and that can never hurt.

For whom are hotels the best choice?

  • For short vacationers who want to concentrate on the essentials (sightseeing, shopping, relaxing, celebrating, etc.) in their limited time at their holiday destination.
  • For those seeking relaxation who need a break from cooking, cleaning and tidying up.
  • For travellers who only need one bed to sleep in.
  • For those who have no problem keeping to meal times.

Advantages of a holiday home

Of course, the variety of holiday apartments is almost as large as that of hotels. From the small, simply furnished room to the luxury apartment, everything is there.

Some consider holiday flats – in view of the many cheap hostels and hotels – to be outdated. Others have been swearing by this type of accommodation for years or even decades.

A holiday apartment is usually cheaper than a hotel. Especially if you are travelling with more than two people, the costs pay off quickly.

The holiday home literally allows freedom of movement. Holiday flats usually consist of several rooms, which offer retreat possibilities – a factor not to be underestimated with a longer stay.

In a holiday home you can decide for yourself when and what you want to eat. However, this may involve more effort, as you first have to shop, cook and finally clean up again.

A holiday apartment is completely for one’s own use. Thus it is automatically quieter than in a hotel and you can enjoy your holiday undisturbed.

In comparison to the hotel, the holiday flat is mostly more individual and often more comfortably furnished. Those who find a hotel room and the atmosphere in the hotel too anonymous should decide for a holiday flat.
Often the direct contact to the landlords and the holiday neighbours is the perfect entry into a relaxing holiday. Usually one is welcomed personally and friendly. If the “wire” is right, one receives helpful information and insider tips, often even invitations to dinner together.

  • For whom are holiday apartments the best choice?
  • For individualists who value development opportunities.
  • For self-catering guests
  • For families and small groups for whom a lot of living space is important.
  • For all those who want to escape a planned daily routine.

For every traveller, there is an ideal accommodation from which one prefers not to leave anymore. The best thing is simply to sit down together, respect each other’s individual wishes and find a solution.

It is not for nothing that people say that holidays are the most beautiful time of the year. So it should also be perfect for everyone, so that you can remember your holiday.

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